Sunday, February 26, 2012

a bit of fluff

i was feeling under the weather for the past week, battling a doozy of a cold that transformed into a slight case of bronchitis.  feeling ill and having to spend a week not looking your best does a number on a gal's self esteem, and so i found myself turning to the usual methods of comfort, including soup and snacks.  but tell me, what's a better get well present than a pretty new dress to prance around in when you're feeling a little better?   haha there are a few things, and for the most part has to do with food, but let's not get into that.

a couple of days ago this dress arrived from sugarlips.  when i had initially seen the dress online i knew that the style was a far cry from the 1940s/1950s vintage inspired/retro style i've grown accustomed to.  the crochet and braiding detailing screams 1970s boho chic, but i couldn't help but be drawn to the fun art deco-esque triangle print, and the sexy but sweet open shoulders.  flash forward a week or so later, i find myself feverishly opening a package, slipping out of a 1950s striped number, and into this soft flowy dress.  after a minute or so of twirling around i realized that the bottom half of the dress was a perfect circle skirt.  so with the help of a petticoat i added a bit of fluff to the dress, giving it that 1950s full skirt silhouette.  throw in some vintage black velvet heels and a peach braided velvet headband i had made just 30 minutes before taking pictures, and i had cute retro look that turned out to be exactly my style.






peach braided velvet headband - diy
neue pinakothek dress - courtesy of sugarlips apparel
petticoat - gift from my mother
black velvet heels - vintage


  1. this looks amazing! i love the petticoat! and it goes perfect with that dress

  2. I know how you feel about the cold. I'm battling it now but that dress is so beautiful ;D

  3. amazing dress!!! you look lovely!