Friday, December 30, 2011

50s pencil skirt, mint condition

Today I woke up feeling particularly low and resigned myself to the idea that I would just stay in bed for the rest of the day.  But then, right as I was about to pull my covers over my head to coax myself into another few hours of restless sleep, a good friend of mine text me.  Immediately I remembered that New Years Eve was tomorrow and knew that I needed to pick myself up and get moving if I wanted to be well enough to ring in the new year right.  So I subjected myself to tough love, forced myself to get up, get dressed, and went out for some fresh air and food.  Speaking of fresh, I thought it would be nice to break in my mint 1950s pencil skirt that I thrifted earlier this week.  I adore how pencil skirts cinch my waist, hug my hips, and most importantly, make my butt look good (haha, I'm half kidding).  It makes perfect sense that these skirts were popular in the 1950s when an impressive woman was a trophy wife; pretty, seen but not heard.  You could say that pencil skirts were created to merely demean women further, making them more of a display for men to gawk at, but I'm pretty sure that half of the time women purposely wield some sort of power with the manner in which they dress (Marilyn Monroe, Joan Holloway, etc).  And yes part of that power is based in sexuality, but the other is rooted in confidence.  Women were probably driven half crazy having to be so submissive, therefore it seems only natural that they would start wearing skirts that screamed loud and clear that they were women.  "I AM A WOMAN, LOOK AT MY HIPS!  If I don't feel like hiding it behind yards and yards of fabric, underneath petticoats and full skirts, then I won't.  I'm shaped like this for a reason, and if you can't handle that image, then GTFO."  Ahah, of course that's just my exaggerated and belligerent interpretation of what women were thinking, but who knows I could be fairly accurate :P




cream floral chiffon headband - forever 21
nude polka dot blouse - thrifted
mint 1950s pencil skirt - vintage (thrifted)
nude peep toes - vintage (thrifted)

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