Sunday, December 25, 2011

stop staring!

I'm sure that all of you retro loving minxes have already heard of Stop Staring!, one of the fashion industry leaders in creating original retro/vintage inspired clothing. Sexy but always classy, Stop Staring! creates stunning pieces that flatter all body types, and has wearers exuding infinite amounts of confidence and elegance.

I myself have had a curvier physique for most of my post-pubescent life, and clothing that molded to my tiny waist but ample hips was something that was hard to come by. And I'm sure that if I came across Stop Staring! sooner, my former hourglass body would have been strutting around in their hip hugging, waist cinching clothing a long time ago.

About two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Stop Staring! sample sale at the Stop Staring! showroom in Paramount, CA. I had made up my mind that this would be the year that I would finally get myself a Stop Staring! dress after years of admiring their line of clothing. However, I was hesitant about going because as a person constantly struggling with severe bouts of anxiety, I had lost a substantial amount of weight over the course of four months, and I no longer had my familiar curvy physique that I was genuinely proud of. This new petite body had me terribly insecure and I was afraid that a trip to Stop Staring! would confirm my new found fear; that I had lost my feminine shape. But with the encouragement of my mother I went anyway, and I am so glad I did.

I expected the sale to be a stressful frenzy of women, like black friday, minus the testosterone and with 50 extra shots of estrogen. I imagined pushing, snatching, dirty looks, and caddy remarks (a nightmare for someone with severe anxiety). Instead what I got was one of the most pleasant shopping experiences of my life. Everyone was super friendly, an occasional bump into another customer was accompanied with mutual apologies and smiles. The staff on hand were extremely helpful and sweet, making sure that everyone left with something that made them look and feel amazing. It seemed that everyone, customers and staff alike were just happy to be there, and I think that's part of the euphoria of uniting a pretty dress with a pretty women.

The dresses. I tried on about 15, which sounds crazy for someone like me who hates stepping foot into a dressing room, but it's true. And pretty much every dress I stepped into looked great on me. I felt like crying. I was so worried that with my new body I would look like a 13 year old boy in anything I tried on, but boy were those anxieties far from reality. Those dresses hugged my tiny waist, accentuated what was left of my curves, and molded itself to my newly petite, but not any less feminine body. And when I walked out of my dressing room to show my mother what I was wearing, I was not a bit shy, and many of the other lovely customers complimented me on how cute some of the dresses were on me. I even saw other women much curvier than I wearing the same things but the dresses looked just as amazing on their body type too. I was in awe. These dresses look good on ANY body. No kidding. Needless to say I left with two Stop Staring! dresses instead of one, and at the up to 50% off price tag it wasn't too big of a financial blow. But with how well these dresses fit, and how beautiful they make you feel, it's like an investment in self esteem, and feeling that good about yourself is worth every penny.

See you at the next Stop Staring! Sample Sale ;)




romance dress in pink - stop staring!
nude peep toes - vintage (thrifted)


  1. found your blog on chictopia! you look fab! great dress!
    I really injoy your style and start following you

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  2. @Lyosha, thanks so much! I'll definitely check out your blog as well :)