Thursday, December 29, 2011

librarian libertarian

librarian libertarian is my self proclaimed political disposition.  i'd get into the details of what that entails but i'm not entirely sure myself, and if i start to develop the ideology now we'd never get to talking about the outfit, which is likely the main reason you are here.  anyway, i managed to pull my still ill self together for a hot second to take a brief outing to a book store to get another novel to keep me company as i continue to rest.  i ended up dressing up in this preppy peach outfit and thought i looked like a librarian from the waist up, but a liberated one from the waist down; see summery espadrilles.





peach plaid peter pan collared blouse - vintage
peach cardigan - vintage
gray leggings - forever 21
navy espadrilles - vintage

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