Wednesday, December 14, 2011

menswear and teddy girl flare.

When I'm feeling down I tend to dress like a boy. During one of my more lengthy cross-dressing rebellions I wore plaid shirts under grandpa sweaters, and basically paraded around looking like Mr.Rogers every day for a good 3 months (don't get me wrong, I've got nothing but love for that good-natured, king of sweaters/cardigans/knitted goods).  And of course my tendency to keep my hair quite short doesn't really help anyone identify my sex when I have these reoccurring flirtations with androgyny.  But I don't care, for me, the way I dress is a form of expression.  The way I feel always manages to manifest into my outfit and styling choices, and I'm sure half the time I'm not aware of it.  You could even say that when menswear finds its way into being featured predominately in my wardrobe, it's just me once again trying to reject whatever it is that is bothering me that comes along with being a young woman.  Of course it doesn't change anything, I'll be a woman no matter how I dress, but in a more masculine outfit I feel a little less vulnerable, a little less approachable, and a little less like a sitting duck.  Not that I feel like that when I dress more feminine, no not at all.  It's just when I especially feel that way, it's nice to put on an outfit that makes me feel a little less so.  And in the end the way you dress should make you feel good right?  Because I'm sure that if we were perfectly happy with the way our bodies looked without being decked out in material goods, we'd just walk around naked.





head scarf - vintage (thrifted)
rose boyfriend blazer - urbanoutfitters (super sale)
tweed trousers - urbanoutfitters (super sale)
brown oxfords - forever21

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