Sunday, January 22, 2012

faux fancy

"what poor and unfortunate creature had to die for you to wear that?"
"11 teddy bears" - retro minx

It's been pretty chilly in Southern California today, considering we've been spoiled with weather in the low 70s this past week.  And I hear we are expected to have relatively warm weather this coming weekend.  So I decided while I wait for the warmer weather I'd use this opportunity to wear this vintage faux fur caplet I picked up while thrifting in a Salvation Army this past summer.  It was one of those finds that are fantastic, but terribly unseasonal so it was forgotten and hidden in the back of my closet up until very recently.  I don't wear it too much because 1) I'm in Southern California, so it's rarely cold enough to warrant wearing something like this and 2) It looks really fancy.  But who knows, I consider myself a fancy sort of gal and so I just may start wearing it more often, like when I go grocery shopping.  I mean it does gets pretty chilly in the milk/butter/cheese sections. ;)




faux fur caplet - thrifted vintage
floral chiffon blouse - forever 21 (a long time ago)
pink satin gloves - from my mother
purple front pleat a line skirt - thrifted vintage
nude peep toes - thrifted vintage

p.s. if you recognize where the first quote is from, we should be best friends.


  1. i dnt knw wher the quote is from bt i think we cn still be frens;)
    love ur style..its so vintagy..adore itt!!!:)

    1. we can definitely be friends! i like your blog by the way, you have such a dreamy style!