Sunday, January 29, 2012

rainbow rockabilly

The 80s must have been a really fun decade to live in when it came to personal style. Acid wash, sequins, glitter, crazy colors and prints, lace, tulle, legwarmers, and the list goes on. I questioned my aunt (whom I've always known to have a style of dress all her own) about how it was like to live in the 80s, and without hesitation she replied, "The 80s were really fun, you could dress any way you wanted, any style you could think of." And I believe her. This is an 80s does 50s dress. You can tell when a garment was made by a number of things, the size on the tag, metal zipper or buttons, and lots of other things I won't get into right now (we'll save that for a more detailed post). But this dress in particular screamed the 80s, by #1 - The brightly colored plaid fabric, and #2 - The quintessential 80s font used on the tag.  Nowadays we can pretty much dress however we want to as well, but when I look at the rainbow color scheme, and awesome 50s inspired cut of this dress, I know that it was definitely a wild-style free for all back then, with a lot more things being produced that you could choose from.




80s does 50s plaid shirt dress - thrifted
blue espadrilles made in spain - thrifted vintage
brass horse buckle waist cinch belt - urbanoutfitters super sale
yellow weaved bag - thrifted vintage
orange dahlia hair clip - etsy

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