Saturday, January 14, 2012

you pretty, boyish thing.

i had a thing for the 1920s when i was younger, and aspired to be a flapper aka a pretty little boy when i grew up.  i blame it on the silent films i watched when my mom would leave the tv on tcm.  when i was about 6 my mom cut my hair into a asymmetrical bob (like this, minus the bangs), and kept it pretty short until i started competitive hula.  once i was free from the competitive demands of twirl flags (pep flags) during the end of my senior year of high school, i chopped of my long, luscious, and envied locks into a bob like this.  i returned to this style yet again sometime while i was in college, but with a different version called a shingle bob: a more boyish version with the hair on the neck shorter and tapered to a v.  the last two times my peers would say i was copying audrey tautou in amélie, but i'm pretty damn sure i was stealing louise brook's iconic bob.

i think it's time to cop her style again ;)

photo source.

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